PrIncIpal's Message

Perhaps you find no other school in the vicinity which while catering to the lower middle class section of the community around in a rural setup by charging minimum fees,provides public school facilities like trainig in life skills ,development of the spirit of competition through house system,well furnished classroom and periodic tests to enable the children to face the final examination

All this is possible because of the missionary zeal of the managing committee headed by Mr.Mumtaz Ali,Mr Mohammed Imran ,Mr Wahid Ahmed ,Mr .Y.G Rasool and others. The present structure of the school is standing testimony to the saying that "No Good Cause will Suffer for want of Money". If you have a noble cause,money will come in search of you.

A number of factors influence the effectiveness of a school - The board ,the principal ,the administration and staff ,the parents and the community where the school is located. The managing committee's role is to see whether all stake holders are moving in the direction of realising the goals of the school. The principal as facilitator must facilitate learning by the chidren,the teachers,the parents and the community.

Mr.B.M.Beera Moidin
(Former Educational Officer)