Kindergarten & LKG / UKG

We recognise that children grow and develop physically and intellectually in a well defined chronological sequence as they mature from year to year. Recognising the importance of these years we have formulated a KG curriculum. Books and reading; we believe, play a very important role in KG. We also know that the children realise the importance of reading and learning from the initial stages of school.

Montessori trained teachers are taking all the care of the children in a scientific way to bring them up in a healthy atmosphere. Students in the KG section have no tests or examinations. Assessment is an ongoing part of every day activities. They are taken out for picnics, educative programmes, cultural activities and sports frequently which is very essential for mutual and physical developments. We provide, assemble and arrange a physical classroom environment that allows children to perceive what activities are available, make their own choices of activities to pursue and get deeply involved in their own learning.