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Faizul Islam Public School has oriented its focus on students centered learning. The faculty does pay special and personalised attention to the students with KG section in particular and make them understand the concepts well. Teaching aids and toys play an important role in this aspect.


The team of qualified Maulana and the Aalimas are playing an important role to enlighten our children in the field of moral and deeniyat related studies. Achieving several gold coins, gold medals and silver medals etc. by our children in the national level deeniyat related competitions since last 6 years consecutively is a perfect example of our success in this field.


Well equipped computer system lab is installed and computer education is a compulsory part of the curriculum from std. 1.


A wide range of excellent sports facilities are being provided on various sports activities. Karate is an extra activity introduced to the benefit of our male students in addition to our regular sports activities.


A well equipped library consisting of good number of books on various subjects covering the present day requirements is available for the benefit of the children.


Poor students are being provided with free education through sponsorship fund, zakat and donations etc. Donations to our school are tax exempted under section 80G of the IT act.


Variety of co-curricular activities are being undertaken throughout the academic year to exhibit creative talents such as calligraphy, debate, essay writing, quiz, extempore speech and recitation etc. in addition to inter school competitions.


School Bus facilities are being provided from different areas /villages making it convenient for the students to reach the school and return.