About Us

Faizul Islam Public School is affiliated to Faizul Islam Educational Trust- Shirva. The trust was established in the year 1989 with the noble vision to impart religious education inclusive of Quran-hifz courses to the poor and the down trodden children of our community. Food and accommodation is being provided to them free of cost and all the expenses are covered through the collection of zakat and donations etc.

After, about 16 years of successful operation, the trust ventured to establish an English Medium School in the year 2005. With the desire to bring up our chikdren in the Islamic atmosphere, Deeniyat/ Arabic, Urdu and moral studies were added to the regular syllabus. Subsequently, Faizul Islam Public School committee was formed to manage the school affairs.

About Faizul Islam

Faizul Islam Public School is located at Shirva village of Udupi Taluk and it's serene ambience is conducive for effective learning.

The dreams and aspirations of Faizul Islam Educational Trust - Shirva came true with the establishment of Faizul Islam Public School in the year 2005 under the able management of Faizul Islam Public School Committee. LKG and UKG sections were started on 1-12-2005 and the school was formerly inaugurated on 27-2-2006. Regular classes up to 4th std. were commenced from 29-5-2006.

The prime objective of the managing committee was to literate maximum number of children who might not otherwise join schools due to poverty. Therefore through the collection of zakat we are educating about 40% of our students and a large number of other poor students are being assisted through sponcership fund and donations etc. We never intend financial gain; instead bringing maximum number of children to the educational fold is always our motto.

The managing committee opted for Karnataka State syllabus adding deeniyat as an extra subject. The aim of the managing committee was to inculcate moral and Arabic/Deeniyat studies along with regular syllabus. We are fully satisfied with the result and this attempt of ours is well received and appreciated by the parents and the public as well.

In the national level deeniyat competitions conducted by Maulana Abul Hassan Ali Nadvi Academy - Bhatkal on yearly basis, our students do achieve in an average 6 to 7 gold coins, 7 to 8 gold medals and around 10 to 12 silver medals each year since last 6 years consecutively.

The excellent performance of our first batch of S.S.L.C. students during the academic year 2013-14 is a perfect example of our success academically. Value education forms an integral and important part of the students' life. It is obligatory that all the students who enter this school place valuable importance on character building and spirituality.

We in Faizul Islam believe that each child entrusted to us will receive education in its finest form. Learning is a life long process and all students and teachers are challenged to exceed their own expectations. We are committed to develop citizens who are responsive, sensitive, open minded and creative. By stocking up simmering cubes of intellect in its students, we in Faizul Islam sincerely hope that our students will be the torch-bearers showing others the path to pursue.


Faizul Islam provides a vast variety of facilities to the children which are essential to develop them physically, mentally and spiritually.



The committee of Faizul Islam English medium High School consists of 30 members including 14 members of the managing committee. Election/selection of the managing committee members and the office bearers takes place once in three years as per the existing constitution.


Faculty and Staff

Utmost priority is being given by the management to appoint well qualified teachers/staff and the faculty intending to achieve highest level of educational standard.